French composer and conductor, Romain Zante, a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, began composing his first pieces at a young age, initially for the stage and concert, and later for cinema. In 2012, he composed ‘Un Soir à Saint-Pétersbourg,’ a nearly hour-long symphonic fresco, for a fashion show by his friend, the renowned Belgian fashion designer Bernard Depoorter. It was during this time that he nurtured his passion for melody and colorful orchestrations, which would naturally lead him to explore the world of film music.

In 2013, he moved to the United States to pursue studies in film music composition at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), from which he graduated in 2015. His time in the City of Angels was pivotal in his professional development, as he crossed paths with many of his current collaborators.

In 2015, he composed his first film score, for which he was nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and won the award for Best Original Music at the San Diego Film Awards.

Romain Zante in Paris


  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2015 | Nomination (Things Happen, dir. David S. Dawson)
  • San Diego Film Awards 2016 | Best Original Music (Things Happen, dir. David S. Dawson)
  • Southern Shorts Awards 2018 | Best Composer (Like, dir. Hidde de Vries)
  • Oniros Film Awards 2018 | Best Original Music (Crêpes, dir. Sweta Tagliabue)
  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2023 | Nomination (Beyond the Sea, dir. Hippolyte Leibovici)
  • Butoni Fest 2023 | Best Original Music (Beyond the Sea, dir. Hippolyte Leibovici)
  • International Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen 2023 | Best Original Music (Beyond the Sea, dir. Hippolyte Leibovici)
  • Festival du Court-Métrage d’Auch 2023 | Best Original Music (Beyond the Sea, dir. Hippolyte Leibovici)
  • Pegaso Film Festival 2024 | Best Original Music (Beyond the Sea, dir. Hippolyte Leibovici)

Since then, Romain Zante has been involved in numerous collaborations worldwide, either independently or alongside his friend and associate, composer Solo Wang, founder of Solo Music Production based in California. This has led him to work on a variety of projects, including short films such as Beyond the Sea, which aired on CANAL +, feature films like the Taiwanese Bad Boy Symphony, and series like the Taiwanese Mad Doctor, streamed on NETFLIX.

Romain Zante conducting

In addition to his work in cinema, Romain Zante continues to compose numerous concert pieces that are regularly performed worldwide. His solid training as a conductor, honed in part through his role as assistant conductor to Stéphane Denève on several projects with the Brussels Philharmonic, frequently exposes him to the grand repertoire, which serves as an endless source of inspiration for him. Moreover, his close relationship with the orchestral sound is a valuable asset when recording his film scores, which he enjoys conducting himself.

His compositions and work as a conductor often lead to invitations abroad, where he conducts, gives lectures, or serves on prestigious juries (Luxembourg, Belgium, Ukraine, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and more).