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Romain Zante red carpet

Romain Zante is a composer for films and concerts.

A native of France, Romain graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B), the Conservatory of Esch-Sur-Alzette (L) and UCLA Extension (USA).

The past few years, he has been working on various projects around the world, including short films, commercials and concert music.

Melodist, including himself in inheritance of the great european tradition, his style is based on rich harmonies, refined orchestrations, and strong melodies, capable of enlightening any project.

Romain Zante, aux Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2015.

" [...] A refined, impressionistic and internalized music, which appeals to the aesthetic categories of the sublime [...] "  Marcel Frandeş, Recitalul pianistei Axia Marinescu din ciclul Moştenitorii României Muzicale, 2019 - Liternet.ro

Because there is no great movie without a great score...

Conductor Romain ZANTE

Because music can work without picture too...



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Romain is also member of Los Angeles based  Solo Music Production studio. 

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